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Local governments are invited to provide feedback to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy as it develops legislation for protecting species at risk. 

British Columbia is Canada’s most biologically diverse province, with a complex geography and broad species and ecosystem diversity. Protection and recovery of species at risk will look different in different areas of the province, whether it is in the Lower Mainland or in the interior grasslands, in coastal areas or mountain ranges, on public or private property. The Ministry is hoping to hear feedback from regions throughout the BC to reflect this diversity and enhance legislative considerations.

The Ministry will be hosting a series of conservational webinars in mid-May. This will be an opportunity to have an open conversation about legislation development and the Species and Ecosystems at Risk (SEAR) Charter. Please contact cá độ trực tuyến Lynn Campbell if you have any questions or would like to participate in the webinar. To provide feedback to the Province, visit their cá độ trực tuyến website.

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