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Transportation Minister Claire Trevena has announced that the Province will increase the number of taxis throughout the province while easing the way for ride-sharing services by fall 2019. The Province‚Äôs direction comes in response to a report and recommendations from industry expert Dan Hara who consulted with industry and stakeholders last fall. 

Provincial direction was also informed by a February 2018 report from an all-party legislative committee that identified the need to modernize the Passenger Transportation Act.

The Province has committed to acting immediately on increasing the number of taxis by 15% across the Province; providing flexibility to the taxi industry to discount fares on trips booked by an app; and ensuring the Passenger Transportation Board has better data and information to ensure transportation needs are being met while ensuring accessibility and safety.

Hara will be retained by the Province to assist and advise government, and work with the PTB to further consult with industry, including major rideshare stakeholders.

Legislation is expected in the fall sitting.

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