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The province has created information bulletins detailing two recent housing initiatives: housing needs reports and residential rental tenure zoning.

Housing Needs Reports

The bulletin on housing needs reports outlines changes to legislation requiring local governments, at least every five years, to:

  • collect information necessary to identify current and projected housing needs;
  • use that information to prepare and publish online a housing needs report, showing current and projected housing needs for at least the next five years; and
  • consider the most recently collected information and housing needs report when amending community and regional plans.

The new requirements will come into force when the applicable regulations are adopted. Local governments will be notified when this occurs. A $5 million, three year funding program will support local government efforts to meet this new requirement.

Residential Rental Tenure Zoning

The cá độ trực tuyến bulletin on residential rental tenure zoning outlines changes to legislation to provide local governments with the authority to zone for residential rental tenure, and enact zoning bylaws that:

  • require that new housing in residential areas be developed as rental units; and
  • ensure that existing areas of rental housing are preserved as such.

The new rental zoning authority can only be used where multi-family residential is a permitted use. Within these areas, local governments can now:

  • set different rules in relation to restricting the form of tenure of housing units for different zones and locations within a zone; and
  • require that a certain number, portion or percentage of housing units in a building be rental.

The new authority came into effect on May 31, 2018, on Royal Assent, and is now available for local governments to use.

Further guidance material on both rental zoning and housing needs reports is anticipated later in 2018.

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