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The Municipal Commercial Vehicle Licensing (CVL) Program is established by provincial statute to provide a source of revenue to municipalities to offset associated costs such as roads maintenance, signage, snow removal, and parking control. Any vehicle using municipal roads and operating for commercial purposes in a participating municipality must annually purchase and display a commercial vehicle licence decal.

A common misconception is that the decal is a parking pass. The decal does not provide parking privileges, though some participating municipalities may allow the use of loading zones as a courtesy. Users should always consult local bylaws for specific restrictions regarding the use of commercial loading zones, especially in the City of Vancouver, which operates its own licensing program.

Those who operate a vehicle for commercial purposes in a participating municipality or engage in inter-municipal business should purchase a CVL decal from their nearest local government office. UBCM does not sell CVL decals to members of the general public.


The legislation dates back to the Municipal Clauses Act of 1906, which provided that every municipality had the power to issue licences, and levy and collect amounts from: “18. From any person owning a pack train of six or more animals, freight wagon, stage coach, or omnibus used in transporting goods for profit or hire … ”

Originally, a separate licence plate was required for each community in which a vehicle was engaged in inter-municipal business. By the 1960s, a unified plate was developed, and by the late-1980s, the metal plates were replaced by a single, province-wide decal.

Today – Current Legislation

The current legislation can be found in the Local Government Act and the fees are set by provincial regulation.

The licence year is defined as the calendar year, and decals may be purchased for $25–$40 depending on vehicle weight from any participating municipality beginning November 1 of each year, for validity in the following year.

List of participating municipalities

For further information on the program, see the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Fact Sheet


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