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Ad-Hoc Committee on Alternate “Unelected” Electoral Area Directors

In April 2017 UBCM established an Ad-Hoc Committee to discuss the issue of alternate “unelected” directors.  Committee members were specifically asked to identify possible courses of action for addressing the challenges faced by regional district boards when elected directors are unable to serve an alternates take on a more permanent role. 

The Committee drafted a discussion paper and made a presentation to both the EA Forum and the CEO/CAO Forum in early 2018.  After receiving member direction and feedback, the Ad-Hoc Committee prepared a summary of cá độ trực tuyến proposed recommendations for change and has since conveyed that request to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. 

Electoral Area Directors Meeting

Electoral Area Directors have the opportunity to convene semi-annually—the Electoral Area Directors Forum the week of the UBCM Annual Convention, and the Electoral Area Directors Forum in late winter/early spring.

Regional District Chair & CAO Forum

The Regional District Chair & CAO Forum takes place annually in the spring, bringing together regional district chairs and senior staff.

Regional District Task Force

The final report of the Regional District Task Force has been released.

Member Notice: Regional District Task Force Final Report [PDF - 65 KB]
Letter from the Minister of Community & Rural Development [PDF - 137 KB]
Regional District Task Force Final Report


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Senior Policy Analyst
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